Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Filling the Well

I brought several different creative outlets on our 3 week trip.  A small sketch book, my current sewing piece and my camera.  I made a few stitches on the plane but once we arrived I mostly took photos.  Over 300 if I count the ones on my phone (the one day that I forgot my DSLR).

During the trip I had many moments that I could have sketched or sewed by I chose not to.  I read, and captured what I could of moments in photos.
There were countless inspiring places and objects that we saw.  London has inspired many an artist over the years and I was no exception.  But what this trip taught me was that sometimes you have to just observe, take it all in.  Let an object speak to you and really absorb its message.
The British Museum, A WWII warship, a curated collection of fashion designer Alexander McQueen's work at the Victoria & Albert Museum.  Just a stunning array of variety and ideas that filled up a well inside.

The funny part is that I didn't know it was empty and I think oddly that it wasn't barren but I had never witnessed those particular things, in that way, in that place.  And so I was taking it all in, reveling in the experience.  And certainly six days in London was just not enough to see everything that I hoped to see.  But I was so lucky to see what I did and can only hope to visit again to see more.
Travel is a great privilege.  I am blessed.


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