Sunday, November 15, 2015

Black Crow - Behind the Art


I thought I'd share some of the inspiration behind Black Crow which is currently on display at the Gibson's Public Art Gallery.  I have been listening to Joni Mitchell's music avidly for almost 20 years now.  Her music is full of imagery that holds enough ideas to create for decades.

Her song Black Crow from the Hejira album has resonated with me since I first listened to it in art school.  I attempted a series of paintings based on the song for an assignment.  Some of them worked but for the most part I was not satisfied with the outcome.

Years later while listening to the song this quilt came to me.  As I interpret the song, the parts that resonate with me are the weariness of travel and the projection of her spirit onto a crow.  I would encourage anyone who is not familiar with the song to listen to the whole album but below I've written out some of the lyrics that brought these images to the quilt.

"There's a crow flying
Black and ragged 
Tree to tree
He's black as the highway that's leading me
Now he's diving down 
to pick up on something shiny
I feel like that black crow 
in a blue sky

I took a ferry to the highway
Then I drove to a pontoon plane
I took a plane to a taxi
And a taxi to a train
I've been travelling so long
How'm I ever going to know my home
When I see it again
I'm like a black crow flying
in a blue blue sky

...I looked out the window
And I saw that ragged soul take flight
I saw a black crow flying
In a blue sky
Oh, I'm like a black crow flying
In a blue sky"

Both Sides Now
A Tribute to Joni Mitchell in Art, Music & Poetry
Nov 12 - Dec 6 2015
Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Gibsons BC

Opening Reception Saturday Nov 14 4pm - 7pm

Music & Poetry
Friday Nov 20 7pm - 9pm
Friday Nov 27 7pm - 9pm

Joni- Narrating Our Lives
Facilitated by Sandy Wrightman
Saturday Nov 21 2pm
If you have a personal story about Joni Mitchell please bring it.

Closing Performances
Saturday Dec 5 7pm-9pm

Please check out the show if you can.  Click here for a: Facebook post with images from the show.

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