Monday, October 3, 2016

Taking Stock

I have gotten of track with sharing the artsy parts of our France trip and I will try to remedy that soon. September was a whirlwind from start to finish that almost had me considering giving up blogging altogether.  In this fast social media world blogging is becoming a bit antiquated which is odd considering it is a young medium, but things move at a breakneck pace these days.
Regardless of what is hot or trendy in terms of sharing your life and work, I feel that blogging still gives something that other platforms do not offer which is simply more content.  So for now blogging is going to remain something I offer and process through.
September began with my first meeting with my local Studio Art Quilt Association group.  They meet bi-monthly and share work and ideas.  At this meeting we also had a trunk show and talk from artist Mardell Rampton.  It was a very enjoyable 4 hours and I hope to attend as many of these meet-ups as I can.
I also joined the Surface Design Association and met up with several local members for dinner before attending the Banjara exhibit at Monte Clark Gallery which was a book launch of the Banjara book created by Maiwa.  The work was stunning and the Monte Clark space is very cool.  Concrete floors and huge ceiling height, the industrial feel of the space showed off the warmth of the textiles beautifully.
Nearing the end of the month I participated in a three day workshop as part of the Maiwa Textile Symposium.  The teacher was Bettina Matzkuhn and we delved into the world of maps and making textile maps with embroidery.  It was a great experience and I came home with the beginnings of a new piece that will work well with the body of work I'm developing right now.
This weekend I travelled across the U.S boarder into Washington state to attend the Judged & Juried International Quilt & Fibre Show as part of the Quilt festival put on by the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum.  There were some lovely quilts on display and my quilt Beryl was part of the show.
As exciting as all of these things have been I am looking forward to a slightly slower pace over the next couple of weeks to get some other things started and/or continuing.
Below is a photo of myself with Beryl.
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