Monday, March 27, 2017

Deconstructing a Quilt

One of the things that I love about my medium is its ability to be reborn.  Cloth can change forms; a sheet can become a shirt, a curtain can become a pillow or in this case a quilt can transform into another quilt.

The story of this quilt is the longest quilt story I have.  It was the first one I made.  It held all the magic that a gateway quilt could offer up.  My gateway into loving quilts was the wonderful richness of crazy quilts.  Elaborate, heavily embellished and in most cases not very practical, crazy quilts entice many textile enthusiasts. My aunt had two crazy quilted pillows which I loved.  I proceeded to make a crazy pillow for myself and others.  And then I decided to make my bed cover for when I moved away to attend Post-secondary education.  I spent many an hour the summer before my first semester sewing away in the kitchen of my family home.

Did I know what  I was doing?  No.  Did I have experts around me that could have helped? Yes.  Did I ask advice? No.  I sewed that baby together and used fabric that my mom had in her fabric trunk. The only new piece of fabric was the large blue sheet covered in white starts we found for the backing.

Did I love this quilt?  Yes.  Was it technically a quilt?  Just barely.  It had three layers,  but minimal actual quilting.  I'm rather glad about that slip up because deconstructing it was much easier with less stitching.

So here is the pre-deconstructed quilt and as you can see, the design was very willy-nilly.  Making this was part of my transition from living with my family to moving outwards into the world on my own.  Essentially I wrapped myself in the comforts of home each night.  Looking back on that time it seems that this object was a talisman that gave me strength and reminded me of where I came from. Little did I know as I headed to art school that it in fact represented where I would end up artistically years later.  The spiral of life is a powerful force.

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