Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Delaying the Muse

I'm sure that there are many texts that wax poetic about the artist's muse.  Is the awen flowing,  do you feel connected to that inner part of you that channels the ideas and inspiration?  Or do you have writer's block, is your well dry so to speak? 
I have been on both sides of this coin at different times in my creative journey.  Mostly though I fall somewhere in between.  The steady stream trickles ideas in, some percolating for what some would consider ridiculously long periods of time.  Some are recorded quickly in sketch books while in the middle of another project.  Some are so insistent that they are attended to ahead of others.  Some will be returned to when the time is right (and how I determine that I don't know) and others will remain a sketch and never come to realization.
There are many factors that affect when or why a piece is begun or stays on the back burner.  Certainly the time factor being the most precious and cumbersome reason.  "If I just had more time..."  But I try not to let that excuse tie me down.  The reality of my life as a mom, wife, friend, neighbour etc is that those precious moments of making art time are few but must be productive.  I've learned to grab that 15 minutes and do what I can.  It just has to be enough.  Period.
The other factor that I now consider to be a blessing in disguise is that the ideas can have their due.  By not rushing in they are often given space to grow, to evolve into a better concept, to teach me how to best approach their creation. 
As the potential pieces fill up pages of sketch books I create a backlog that seems inexhaustible.  I probably have enough today to keep me steadily working for the next 20 years.

And the amazing thing about the muse is that as you are creating one thing gifts of new possible pieces seem to drop into your lap like a falling leaf in autumn.
What a blessing it is to live this creative life.


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