Thursday, May 14, 2015

Work I Admire: Drawing

When the occasion calls for it I will feature work by artists I like here.  I think there is always room for more promotion, for sharing of ideas but mostly for supporting each other. 
Both of these artists don't need my help, as they are on another level in their careers than I am. 
But what I admire about their work is that their works are meticulous and surrealistic drawings, large in scale and beautifully rendered. 

First off is Ruby Onyinyetchi Amanze a Nigerian born artist working currently in Brooklyn New York.
I learned about her in this article and I found her work stood out within the 30 artists featured.  Her subject matter speaks to me: identity, culture, and breaking boundaries of artistic boxes.

 And next is Kymia Nawabi who I watched win season 2 of  Work of Art: The Next Great Artist reality show.  This drawing was auctioned off as part of her prize and I just loved it.  I now follow her work on Facebook and am always impressed by her dreamlike figures and the amazing detail in each piece.

 So please follow these artists, and if you are able purchase some of their brilliant work. 


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